The following page contains the requirements for enrollment into Mesa Barber College.

Course Objective

Training will equip students with adequate skills and knowledge to pass state board examination.

Time Requirements

  • 1500 hours in no less than 9 month’s period
  • Student hours may be completed during normal business hours of 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Tuesday through Friday and 6:45 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday.
  • Students should report to class 15 minutes early.
  • Each student should be on time each and every day and plan on being in school all day.
  • Students should not plan on being anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour after school, some days students may not be able to leave at 6:00 pm.

Tuition and Curriculum

  • $3,000.00 for 9 months to complete 1500 hours of training for registered barber license.
  • Students must submit $400.00 for the student’s essentials, a full tuition fee or a down payment, and a monthly payment for the balance of the tuition will be calculated. A 10% interest will be charged on late payments.
  • Eight hours of orientation, consisting of: rules and regulations of the school; introduction to school personnel and students; and outlay of school facilities conducted. One hundred and eighty hours of theory, consisting of: history of barbering, one hour; professional ethics, four hours; hygiene and good grooming, one hour; bacteriology, sterilization, and sanitation, thirty hours; barber implements, one hour; honing and stropping, one hour; shaving, five hours; haircutting, male and female, two hours; cutting and processing curly and over-curly hair, two hours; mustaches and beards, one hour; shampooing and rinsing, two hours; scalp, hair treatments, and skin, five hours; theory of massage of scalp, face and neck, two hours; facial treatments, one hour; anatomy, physiology, and histology, 50 hours, consisting of study of: hair, skin, muscles, nerves, cells, circulatory system, digestion, and bones. Disorders of skin, scalp, and hair, 10 hours; electricity and light therapy, one hour; chemistry, five hours; barber shop management, five hours; Texas barber law, 35 hours; scientific fundamentals of barbering , four hours; cosmetic preparations, three hours; sanitary professional techniques, four hours; and salesmanship five hours.
  • One thousand, three hundred and twelve hours of instruction in practical work, consisting of the study of: barber implements, 10 hours; shaving, 80 hours; haircutting or the process of cutting, tapering, trimming, processing, and molding and dressing the hair, 800 hours, consisting of: men’s haircutting; children’s haircutting; women’s haircutting; cutting and processing curly and over-curly hair; and razor cutting; shampooing and rinsing; 40 hours; scalp, hair treatments, and tonics, 10 hours; massage and facial treatments, 10 hours; bleaching and dyeing of hair, 30 hours; arranging, 10 hours; beautifying, 10 hours; beards and mustaches, 15 hours; processing 15 hours; manicuring, optional; styling 55 hours; cleaning, 25 hours; curling, 15 hours; dressing, 15 hours; shaping, 15 hours; • singeing, 7 hours; straightening,25 hours; waving hair, 28 hours; clipping, 15 hours; hair weaving and hairpieces, 17 hours; scientific fundamentals of barbering, 10 hours; professional ethics, 22 hours; barber shop management, 22 hours; first aid and safety precautions, 11 hours.

Items needed for Registration

The following items are needed before student may start.
Option Number 2

  • Proof of education (at least 7th grade)
  • Two 2×2 photos, Driver License/ID and Social Security Card
  • $100.00 enrollment fee
  • $800.00 down payment
  • $35.00 money order for TDLR Barber Application
  • $195.00 for the textbook and miscellaneous fee
  • $70.00 for two barber smocks (jacket)

$400.00 - Student essentials fee payment
$400.00 - Down payment
The total down payment with student essentials fee for option number (2) is $800.00.
Down payment will be deducted from the tuition fee and the balance of the tuition ($2,600.00) can be financed at $350.00/month.
Or a full payment of the total program can be paid in full – $3,400.00.

Barbering tools will be needed by the end of the third week of class, and before students can take instructions; they must have all the required tools for barbering services.

All students must be dressed neatly at all times. All hairstyles must be within the schools guidelines for males and females.


Black slacks or pants, white T shirt or top, black shoes, (NO LOGO) and a black belt, SORRY! SAGGING is not allowed.

Down payment of at least $800.00 will be paid before student may take instructions on the floor. Tuition and fees are subject to change at any given time and there are no refunds on down payments. Students that stop attending school without appropriate notification may be dropped and a re-enrollment fee may be charged.