About Us

Our mission is to train and prepare students from Mesa Barber College  to be the very best in their chosen profession and to instill in the students the importance of good public relations and to fully prepare them in every capacity to work confidently, competently, and competitively as professionals and for graduates from Mesa Barber College to take their chosen profession to a higher level.

You will be proud when your Mesa Barber College credentials are recognized by employers. After all this years, our name stands as a great reference in the barber training industry! Because of our hands on instructing method.

Reasons to Choose Mesa Barber College

One of the best barbering institutions in the state

At Mesa Barber College we don’t offer thirty different programs like some career colleges, and universities. We offer focused barbering, Instructor course, cross over Program, and Refresher Programs for the purpose of helping you reach your career goals and succeed as a professional in your chosen field. Mesa Barber Colleges equip our students with all the skills they need to pass state exam and practice barbering as a profession.

Passionate Staff

Our instructional staff have passion for teaching receptive students, and as licensed barber Instructors and professionals, they know what each student needs to succeed in their chosen profession. You’ll enter your new profession with confidence after training under experienced instructors. MesaBarberCollege instructors bring their experience to the classroom in the practical and theory aspect of instructing. They know what it takes to become leaders in the fields – because that is what they are. You’ll graduate with relevant, practical training that will help you move smoothly into your new found career.

Convenient Location

We are conveniently located on the north east side of HoustonTexas, at 8523 Mesa Dr 77028. The Metro Bus service stops right at the front of the school which makes it easer to commute back and forth to work or school based on your schedule.